You’ve been blessed with such a gift; why not share it with the world!  WVS offers group classes and individual voice and piano lessons. We offer the opportunity to grow as a singer, performer and student.  While studying diction and languages we cover the rich history while perfecting the art! Group classes offer a team experience for the beginner through advanced performer.  Private lessons provide a one on one experience and allow the performer to grow even more and master the technique.  We teach dedication and commitment, public speaking and performance, and best of all confidence!

Classes and lessons are conveniently offered at 535 Long Point Rd as of Aug 29, 2016 in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

When you refer a new student for one month of lessons you receive one 30 min lesson free!

WVS is an appointment only business, we do not have office hours.  Please call or email with any questions.  If we don’t answer it’s because we are changing lives in lessons! We will get back to you asap. If inquiring about lessons we will return your voicemail/email in the order in which they were received.